Butterfly Missing you always poster


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God had a plan and purpose in your life.. He saw greater things to come that you couldnt imagine ..And you are bless and thankful and what got had place for you… You were blessed with many God given talents it’s very humbling to see where we walked , but at times we become a plum bob to lay a straight foundation to rebuild on and walk with the living God just like Haggai and Zechariah, Zerubbabel and his people had done so. Like Zerubbabel, you too can live up to God’s expectations. How reassuring it is to know that! Don’t let others judge you because a true follower of Christ and lover of God cannot judge a person’s imperfections because they are imperfect themselves and are harsh on those who are poor and rich and are never happy for one another. Draw close to God and He will draw very close to you and others who search Him out. Butterfly Missing you always poster

Butterfly Missing you always poster

Butterfly Missing you always poster 3Butterfly Missing you always poster 3

Hurts me too, it’s insane and not necessary. Shows this cop should not be a cop!. Our nation is broken, we are tired, scared, sad, mad, angry. Stop hating us, killing us. We all matter do they want us to take up arms which will lead to many more deaths . I watched it and had tears !!. I love this video. It had me in tears everyone in this video killed it. Thank you Tyrese Gibson!. Lets unite toguether in the name of the almigthy father. I cried when I saw it. God bless you . Only 4 people why?. SHARED…..WE ALL NEED TO SEE THIS!. That was heartwrenching, but nailed it.. Good work bruh, I could feel it. Bought a few tears to my cheek. Let’s share this.. Get your Knee off MY neck … Steve Lawrence Tonté Pouncil BigBoss Dickson Laren Ellison. Where can I watch? Netflix? Butterfly Missing you always poster

Butterfly Missing you always poster

Butterfly Missing you always poster 2

Tyrese! You never cease to amaze.You are truly gifted. This song is brilliant and conveys the message to the heart. The version of the video is education and I hope it is received well. That people understand that it is not about colour but the deeds. … See More. Words can’t truly express the emotions in regards to this well thought out, well put together video , you went above and beyond the call of duty , placing yourself in others positions , too grasp the realness of such a hard time in other’s lives , too … See More. Wow this is so sad and heartbreaking are you can do is cry it’s not right God bless us all love one another. This is a powerful message in song…but so very True…so sad to see. I miss your creativity man. I’ve listened to the prologue and I’m impressed. Great Great video and message I only wish that George would have had the same ending.

Butterfly Missing you always poster 1

You sung to me over the phone in jr high. Playing on your piano…I knew then u was going places. Also coming up to Drew jr high during lunch singing in the cafeteria.( out side). Lovely voice. Indeed. Is that Craig and Mr. Jones house..not being funny but it looks like the house in Friday for real.. Bitter sweet! Threw determination, strength, and Gods grace. One voice singing in the darkness.. It’s always nice to visit where you came from…it’s good for the soul!. Well done, bless those who blessed you, what happened to the lady who called your first audience?. “Going Home Again” Hurts So Good. How ya going act like that hold in ya would not be who you are now nor learned everything you have and somewhere in there you had seeds of faith and blessings prayed over you probably exactly why I love you . You went from a stage of a few to stages for millions. Awesome

This is deep, humbling even. Press on to an amazing future.. Wow, it a succes story and perfect behaviours because you choose to do good in every place you have live, some peopel mess up the place they are before leaving so they can’t step that place again. God is soo good!! The first time I heard you sing, was on the coke commercial. I said outloud, oh we’ll be hearing from him!!! . Never forget your roots and where you came from! Keeps you grounded.. So that story about you on the bus isn’t true. Lol or was that just a video.. Big T you 100% right retrace your step back to see where you started from …Life is what we make off…you are a great guy…. Thanks Tyrese for your motivational words…. It gonna encourage many pple in there life times especially in the troublesome moments……. It’s good to delight your past so as to enable you to know what kind of destiny you want to reach. May the Alm… See More

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