Facts? Heres some. Heart disease which took 600,000 American lives last year, is horrible. Cancer, which took over 500,000 American lives (especially the children) last year is horrible. Busch latte christmas ugly sweater This? 95% survival rate! We have got to stop seeing case numbers… WEATHER.COM National and Local Weather Radar, Daily Forecast, Hurricane and information from The Weather Channel and weather.com. CNN is creating a majority of the fear httpsfact??. A new liberal town Hall on fear mongering on Covid-19.. Doesn’t CNN know very few people will be watching. All the left wing media outlets are way down in viewers. You do know that’s the new and practical way of knowing the true polls concerning the election. CNN is at rock bottom. Democrats haven’t figured… See More. The Centers for Disease Control says people “with mild to moderate COVID-19 remain infectious no longer than 10 days after symptom onset. People with more severe symptoms can remain infectious for longer, it says. Doctors say Trump is cleared for tomor… See More

Busch latte christmas ugly sweater

Busch latte christmas ugly sweater- pic 1

Cynicism is okay if it supports your perspectives and wanted outcome. With science or medicine “cause and affect,” is not limited to the control of information, or trying to hide it. One can look to other countries and their actions, then look at ours.… . Dr Sanjay Gupta is a neurosurgeon not sure why CNN promotes anything this guy has to say about an infectious virus… but to each they’re own I guess…. Kinda hard to hold the line when a 74 year old walks out of hospital after only three days right?. it is strange that India that has almost 4 times as many people has less cases than we do and less deaths.. Did trump really had or has the virus, a lot of people say no, distraction and pity, that’s why they are lying about everything, did CNN investigate with those doctors or nurses at the hospital where trump went for a car ride, 2 days after, we all want… See More Busch latte christmas ugly sweater

Busch latte christmas ugly sweater

My question to CNN now is didnt human being, have headache fever malaria kof stomach pain e.t.c. how come about this formulation of novel corona. Now did you want to tell me if someone having fever instead of telling him or her it have fever, you scie… . I was able to capture screenshots of Joe readjusting his mask 33 times in his most recent speech. Once Joe removed the mask to cough into his hand. His nose was uncovered more than it was covered. Obviously Biden doesn’t wear a mask on a regular bas… See More. Is Sanjay Gupta a real doctor or does he just play one on TV? A un-named source said he being sued for mal-practice for being a fake proctologist One of the challenges the U.S. faces during the COVID-19 crisis is President Trump not being honest about its severity or his government’s preparedness. Or when giving medical advice. The PANDEMIC OF MISINFORMATION blog has counted the misstatements–no… See More
A Pandemic of Misinformation

He shouldn’t be allowed to leave the state.. Where did he get the 1 million dollar bail money from?. Dont do drugs and don’t resist arrest an this won’t happen. Butwhy do we march again? This is total BS. Our justice system fails every time we turn around. Then they wonder why people hate the cops!! Black Lives Matter . That’s ridiculous!! If it was a African American, they wouldn’t be allowed to move!! But keep moving because people will find you!!!. So many accommodations for a murderer. Too bad Mr. Floyd wasn’t given any accommodations to BREATH. How nice of the court to grant him special privileges ensuring his safety. That seems super reasonable since all he did was kill an unarmed man in front of numerous witnesses.. He should’ve wanted to stay in prison. It may be where he is safer, not to mention he is a flight risk!

The source is gas-powered generators, charcoal or gas grills, and propane devices when the power goes out after a storm hits. These can generate carbon monoxide, an invisible, odorless and lethal gas.” – Article.. Hopefully most evacuated ahead of the storm. BOBI WINE FOR PRESIDENCY . They used to teach CO2 safety in high schools.. Prayers for the people. Prayers for everyone.. So sad. Have mercy. Will you be covering the controversial Steve Scully tweet? I haven’t seen it mentioned on your website. Newt Gingrich just stated – Nancy Pelosi is talking about 25th amendment replacing incapacitated President as trial run for replacing Biden with Harris next Spring if they win. She can have a San Francisco radical as President (Feinstein is also from S… . What if, next time BLM terrorists attack a city, we pass out guns to the locals to defend their homes and businesses.

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