Roberta Steele that subject has been put to bed, dah. Good try lol Biden sleeps with China, and China can’t wait for Biden to take a nap. I’ve notice he paid a big chunk of money out for his kid to the Ukraine. It was taxpayers money for a quod pro quo. Busch latte christmas sweater. He’s the only one telling the truth that’s why they make up lies from unknown leakage but we now have real proof and the media censors it all Fox & OAN will bring you Breaking News.Lies….. very few jobs were created.

Busch latte christmas sweater

Busch latte christmas sweater - pic 1

They have included all the positions that people returned to during the pandemic.Jane Loebach Foster so how many jobs did Obozo/Biden create?? Not many with that high unemployment Trump has already proven before Covid unemployment went down. Trump 2020.Barb Your unwavering support for “stable genius” say more about you than him. I’m no Biden supporter but there’s no doubt Biden will win in a landslide, the writings on the wall and if you can’t see it or won’t admit it than it’s you in denial. The gig up and the fun is over. Name calling and catchy phrases aren’t gonna cut it, spewing bullshit just doesn’t work anymore. Busch latte christmas sweater. Frank Lee yah all 6 of the ones at his rally and his campaign staff will be voting for him. They will have tone in by cheating. I see the writing on the wall. No one wants Biden and definitely not that nasty. Harris. Biden is racist and a white supremacist. Don’t worry he might not be around long with his nasty dealings with Ukraine. Lol lol Do your homework, that writing is on the wall on you tube. Fake polls TRUMP 2020.He is a bluffing master. Always giving misleading information and want to take credit. We know Mr. Trump what you did. Just wait till November 3rd. You will get your answer.oh speaknold wise one. What did he do? Give us facts not your accusations. Yep, New York is ran by a brain freeze. Tell us what you think those dems have done for you?he’s full of shit and is hoping you all keep buying him having 0 to actually say about it. It’s okay though, cause he’ll sprinkle in that you’re a Patriot for supporting him, so at least you’ll feel vindicated in your pursuit of fucking over everyone, and very likely yourself.Jeannie Emond because after Biden was in political office of some kind for 47 Years, now he’s going to fix all our country’s ills? Really? Bidens a democrat and only wants your vote to stay in the elite crowd. After that he/they will pacify you just enough you can’t see what’s going on behind the curtain Trump is a doer, he gets it done Trump 2020.

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