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My son Connor who is severely dyslexic has been more positive about being dyslexic ever since he got a special email. Buffalo Bill AFC Champions 2020 2021 Poster It is still a struggle with the education department and the school especially during the pandemic but not as difficult as it was before. Dyslexic people are often extremely creative individuals who excel at seeing the big picture, finding patterns and bringing together information from different domains. They may be spatially oriented and are often talented artists or musicians. They al… See More. I hope someday in the future, medical science will advanced enough to completely cure dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, and all other learning disabilities.. You are uniquely created to bring hope to so many people in the world your words go beyond the boundaries and will always thank God for your existence… Just out of topic slightly there is a company that has contacted me from UK under your group of co… See More

Buffalo Bill AFC Champions 2020 2021 Poster

Buffalo Bill AFC Champions 2020 2021 Poster 1

I’m dyslexic wasn’t picked up until I was in my late 20s I Was told I was thick at school I now recognise the strong traits in me made me push forward and I was lucky to be very creative and ended up designing clothes it was a passion for me and I made… See More. Carlotta Thompson. You are one of the most amazing modern dyslexic people around very inspiring thank you. Merry Christmas sweet Richard you care about so many things that’s what makes you unique Buffalo Bill AFC Champions 2020 2021 Poster Play GIF. “Frustration can be an enormous driver of change, if you are good at spotting the opportunity sitting right at the centre of a problem.”. Deb’s I hate how it used to be seen as an illness. You can add fun and kind to your list as well as being creative XX . Scientific fact is not a desired belief. My daughter struggles everyday with dyslexia especially at school where she is feels not valued and her peers isolate her its heart breaking. It would be amazing if every teacher was trained to support dyslexic students. Your message to young people is… See More

Buffalo Bill AFC Champions 2020 2021 Poster

Buffalo Bill AFC Champions 2020 2021 Poster 3

It’s so hard to get funding for Specific Learning Difficulties in schools both in the UK and in Australia. I get so frustrated on behalf of this group of pupils as they have so much potential if they can be identified early on and provided with early i… See More. My daughter is a dyslectic and fortunately she had a wonderful teacher who helper her get diagnosed. She got the proper training and is thriving at school. She knows she has to work harder to get where she wants, but also used her dyslectic and creatie… See More. Cathy CC Carlson. I named my son branson after you n he has autism am glad you understand persons who are differently abled be blessed sir. Mr. Branson, I agree with you, it’s other way to see the World with a lot opportunities!. Have a dyslexic husband and two of our five kids have it. Thanks for sharing!

Buffalo Bill AFC Champions 2020 2021 Poster 2

Wish I had this 30 years ago!! Took a long time to reap the rewards and understand the benefits!!. Happy New year, Mr. Branson. inspiring inclusive leadership with purpose. I have dyslexia… I’m not sure where I am with it but was diagnosed with it when I was little.. carry on… I’m writing my book. May need help.. I’ve dealt with severe dyslexia since birth too in the late 60’s before general education and the entire system knew really what to do regarding such– the advancements in software programs and vr can greatly assist in this effort today – as an adult n… See More. Thank you for your inspiring words! Love from Amsterdam. Is there a link between dyslexia and haemochromatosis I ask myself!?. Kwai Ping Tong. Thank you for all the encouragement you give, Sir Richard!. And pls the them about adhd too…. Nicely said Richard.. Valerie Cheers Brown

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Happy Christmas and a great New Year from New Zealand . We wish you also a Merry Christmas and an adventurous year ahead. From Zambia with Love.. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! And a bright and prosperous new year!. Nicole Proulx. Wishing you and all ur family a peaceful and merry Christmas also x. Paul West. I’m not sure all the airline crew you fired will be having such a Merry Christmas
Maybe you can do something special for them . Thank you and Peaceful Christmas to you and family. Best wishes from Italy.. Merry Christmas to you and you family Sir Richard.. Merry Christmas Sir Richard. It’s been a while. Warmest Blessings to you and yours. Thank you and Merry Christmas your family from Hungary.. Thank u so much and hope your family have a wonderful Christmas too. Merry Christmas Richard and from my family to yours, good health

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