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On December 27, 1980, strange lights were seen by soldiers in the Rendlesham Forest, which was located between the Bentwaters and Woodbridge Air bases. Some witnesses said they had seen strange objects moving very quickly in the sky, in addition to a triangular flying object reported to have landed on an empty lot. As this continued the next night, Halt, the deputy commander of the air base at the Bentwaters, led a group into the woods, after which he saw a strange light accompanying him. an unspecified body that moves between the trees and drips down molten material. In addition, a recording of Halt’s recording was revealed, he also described a laser-like light shot from a UFO to the ground where he and the group were standing. Budweiser custom name baseball shirt. I can tell you, there are some kind of supernatural intelligence that can change shape, size, and do funny things. What I have seen, I firmly believe, is that we do not know a little bit about them and what is involved in them or within. Maybe they don’t exist in the form we know, or maybe they are an entity with only intelligence and we are not related to them, “Halt said.

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