It may not have started with Hicks, their just putting her name out there!!. Do we only have The Donald’s tweet stating this? It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s making this up to avoid future debates. He already stated that he wouldn’t attend if the rules changed to his disadvantage.. That’s what he gets for not wearing a mask I just hope and pray Joe Biden doesn’t have it since they were within close proximity during the debate. Who believes this besides his base? . An army of prayer warriors are lifting them up in prayer. . The way he lies I wouldn’t be surprised if he is bullshitting about this too. I expect a quick miraculous recovery and a “see, it’s not so bad” or a way to skip the debates. I’m sure he is lying….if he was positive he wouldn’t admit it!. If he uses a little disinfectant he’ll be okay.. keep that mask off 45 Buckeyes energy skinny tumbler

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This sounds like the work of #oliviapope to keep him from debating & so he can (hopefully) win by default! #scandal Buckeyes energy skinny tumbler Play GIF. Should of wore that very big mask he was clowing Joe for wearing! . How do we know he’s not lying about this, as yet another ploy?. It sounds like another attempt to change the narrative after his disastrous performance at the debate….So no more debates for him.. Come ……. on White House has lied so many times. This is another lie.. “Virtually affects nobody” he said! Guess he is nobody.. He wants sympathy votes… NOPE!! You still gots to go . It’s just a common cold , it will go away , you and the 1 st lady don’t need any quarantine , invite all loved ones and family members and have a party in the White House with no masks . Bogey…. Not a big deal anyway, hope you survive your sniffles while you’ve been packing 1000s into your rallies. It’s UNBELIEVABLE to me how much money is being spent to allow sports to go on, when so many people are suffering and unemployed and dying etc. It is pure insanity. Many generations in the future will find it hard to believe. They keep blowing 4th quarter leads and they might not have to worry about fans returning…. Can I get one of those for the school I work at? I can fly that thing.. Finally, I get to work from home. . But will this prevent the Falcons from blowing another lead in the 4th quarter?. Just leave it for three days.. Their players doing great job for the team too. Couple weeks ago they all practiced social distancing and maintained their space while some carless Cowboy’s player kicked a ball right at them. My brother JD Grubbs should be ashamed of how irresponsible… See More. By the end of the season the drones could be playing the game for them. Buckeyes energy skinny tumbler

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