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If you’re trolling Biden’s page, you must be the desperate one! I’m sure you won’t see anyone of us trolling tRump’s page.. just to see his face makes me. You must be new to this country. Bowling custom personalized crocs crocband shoes. Welcome. Warning: don’t vote if you aren’t qualified. Thanks for the bot posts.Encouraging voting is not desperate, it’s encouraging democracy. While republicans suppress voting.

Bowling custom personalized crocs crocband shoes

Bowling custom personalized crocs crocband shoes- pic 1

That’s desperate.when people line up 3 weeks early and wait 10 hours to vote that’s not desperation. That’s the people speaking. Joe biden is winning….by a landslide.Julie Tindal you’re the desperate one, trolling on a candidate’s page you don’t support. Reminding people to register is a civic responsibility, something MAGA cult followers know nothing about.She realizes the higher the turnout, the bigger the Democratic victory. On the other hand, I (and many others) realize the GOP is is anti-democracy and pro-fascist.These kinds of “disses” crack me up it reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite where he yells “your Mom goes to college!” Bowling custom personalized crocs crocband shoes. Like good one bro go back to your cult page. Not as desperate than Texas when they removed ballot boxes or the Postmaster general when he removed postal equipment or republicans who are trying to SUPPRESS OUR VOTES!!!Trump a dictator?? I seriously doubt it! Look at the government of your state? Trumps not closing anything down, or mandating masks. Only your still infectious clown boss who claims against stimulus package and hours later for a package, escaping WH for desperate flying in order to share his virus with voters, bcoz his time‘s running outThis country is about the people. The people make this country great even in the hardest toughest times. What an amazing woman. This is our democracy and no one will take it away from the people.Delaware does not have early voting. I am hoping lines are not too bad, but I’ll do whatever I have to do to place my in-person vote for you.He has done nothing in 47 years America does not need a corrupt politician. That only in Riches his family with foreign money. Donald Trump will be reelected the most transparent president that we have ever had. His strong leader ship and strong business relations will be even stronger the next four years. God has blessed America with Trump.Get it together, Virginia has already had 44 days so far. If you couldn’t find time in 6 weeks to vote, you probably shouldn’t bother now.Kathleen Jeanette Nelson Yes, me. I still found time to do my constitutional duty. For an act that everyone is pushing as one of the most serious in history, you’d think it’d be a top priority for everyone. Guess not.Top priorities are more likely to cause anxiety and cognitive dissonance. Top priorities can directly lead to last minute actions, because if they weren’t top priorities, the people would just let the deadline pass.I don’t live in Virginia, but Trump keeps preaching for fairness. The people were told they had until today, the system “failed”, they should have the opportunity they were promised, regardless of how long they waited.

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