The U.S. national debt has just reached 120.5% of the nations annual economic output, breaking a record set in 1946 for the highest debt level in the history of the United States.. Biden is chicken to go head to head with Trump he’s scared because he is a poster not encharge.. Why are y’all worried about the POTUS where was your coverage when sleepy Joe was MIA all summer and he’s supposed to be running a campaign. No he’s totally right we need to cower in fear. (Sarcasim). Why does the media have to take everything out of context? I bet if Obama had said the exact same thing he would have been hailed.. He was ousted! He has no credibility.. ALL or your stories are anti-Trump.no wonder CNN is losing its audience. Because–#45 did NOT have the virus!! Another plot added to his continual lies. You are NOT released in a few days from this virus. Black king and queen crocs crocband shoes

Black king and queen crocs crocband shoes

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Is God a cuss word now? Just trying to keep up with all the infringments on the 1st Amendment.. This is some bull . Vote early Wisconsin!. Put a loyalist in charge of the post office to make sure those ballots are late. Then go to court to make sure they wont count.. CNN, why did you censor “God” in the title? It’s ok to say “God.”. Pretty sure a lot of those ballots come from our service men and women ! You know the people are putting their lives on the line for your butt!. Anyone who wants to guarantee their vote will be counted will either vote in person or hand deliver their mail in ballot.. I hope this inspires people to come out and vote like they never have before, in order to help our democracy survive and to send a message to republicans that they can’t suppress the vote in order to win. Black king and queen crocs crocband shoes

Black king and queen crocs crocband shoes

More fear-mongering from CNN?. Trump and his enablers will be responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. Those who followed him will face times when they shall try to bury and hide the red hats they bought. They shall struggle to face themselves in the mirror with the shame … . Thats the Trump way. No surprise here. He has top not medical professionals and trial drugs helping him so he can be brave. He wasn’t brave enough to rely on hydroxychloroquine like he was peddling to the rest of us.. The steroid he took as an experiment; it was a treatment for malaria in West-Africa..the side effect are dangerous and can make someone very sick later on and can make people go blind and crazy. Donald Trump never had Covid. It is a scam to try and convince people that it is not that bad. So the economy can open up before the election.

We should honor Trump by naming sewage treatment plants after him! . Meanwhile she and her loving family are looking forward to hopeful times for our country. Including the holidays, when her family traditions are celebrated because the Christmas holiday has deep meaning for people who believe in a blessed Christmas. … . Thats probably the single most incredibly awesome thing Georgia has ever done.. The sad remnants of trump’s fans, are deeply entrenched in CNN comments. Go over to Fox, where your humor might be appreciated.. Well deserved for our beautiful intelligent accomplished former First Lady.. And Trump and Melania will have the Playboy mansion renamed after them’Trump and Melania school for people who dont read and speak too good and lies and steals so good’!!!. What a well deserved honor/honour.. She is a role model for children and Women, not just here in the United States but abroad all over the world.

Many people lost their health insurance along with their jobs during this pandemic, which is precisely why health insurance shouldnt be tied to employment in the first place.. Good, coverage should be expanded.. Because Hannity said so. trump and pence must be proud of their cancerous failures because it is never ending. yeah they are canceling it. Grateful that my employer is offering many new benefits amid the pandemic. Some Private employers are seemingly doing more than our president – I guess he’s too busy destroying our country.. Brian Stelter needs Expanded mental health benefits. Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend needs more steroid therapy and Don lemon needs more eyeliner and a psychiatric dating service. Richard quest needs drug Rehab and Chris Cuomo needs to stay away from alcohol and Montauk Island and drag racing. Get to work on that CNN.. Fake. Mine went up in price again.. I’m a under paid Saudi Arabian public relation officer because I’m possessed or as my doctor said schizophrenic and I depend on my millionaires siblings to survive , dependents are seen as one of the more benign of the personality disorders because they’re just plain needy. They NEED to be taken care of by someone else (emotionally, financially, mentally). They NEED to have others make decisions for them. They NEED constant reassurance. They NEED to be with someone – being alone prompts irrational fear and discomfort.

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