Black cat Be strong be brave be humble canvas and poster


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I believe the biggest truth is life on its own. Never ceasing. We are at the beginning of our leap into the Universe. Mars and then all. Little by little we will acustom to anything.. Respected Bill Gates Sir My heartly best wish to You for Your great welfare Work for the flora and fona.. Good evening sir,,Its Victor from Kenya,,I have been reading your story of how you started and where you are now as in the list of richest men in the world..Kindly answer me this from your perspective..what is destiny,fate?? Can family issues,tradition… See More. Hi billy, enjoy cleaning toilets in prison. You are so wealthy I bet you pay each one of your positive feedback. However you won’t need all that cash behind bars.. With due respect Mr Bill Gates that will be awesome for the world at large teaming up with Rashida Jones for this New podcast limited series,I would have love to be part of it facing the world and also for my continent Africa ,but am not Educated but I… See More Black cat Be strong be brave be humble canvas and poster

Black cat Be strong be brave be humble canvas and poster

Black cat Be strong be brave be humble poster 1

Why dont you try to believe that there is someone stronger and mightier than your ideas… who runs the universe and its balance… He once said that he will not only shake the earth but also the universe… and what are you going to do with that. About a couple of weeks ago, I had a conversation about sustainable energy sources, reducing the carbon emission footprint, and I believe that this idea is brilliant.. Let’s talk about a solar farm that was to go up on my farm, one of the corps you own bought farm next to me ,crushed the solar farm…thanks a bunch . Made my life harder. Always in good mood to listen the man who have what to say on this big Philosophical questions for ours civilization. I’m philosopher by vocation and with impatience I’m waiting to hear what he will say from his spot of view whit natural curiosity. A… See More Black cat Be strong be brave be humble canvas and poster

Black cat Be strong be brave be humble canvas and poster

Black cat Be strong be brave be humble poster 3

Respect your contribution to such initiatives through personal funding and more importantly providing thought leadership. . I know you did a lot to contribute to make people’s lives better…. I am deaf and it would be cool if you add closed captions.. If there is one “good” thing about Covid is that it is showing that working together, sharing information, having focus, the learning curve about a disease and how to defeat if is much faster.. To understand the mechanisms of Alzheimer we need to define the difference between sens and perception. If we don’t do it, all the attempts are nothing.. sending you love mr gates…… i would like to apologize on behalf of humanity for the misguided idiots abusing you…….the only thing i would add to this post is……..can u lend me a couple of million quid please? i would like to spend it on musi… See More

Black cat Be strong be brave be humble poster 2

… excellent thought piece. With both vision and reason for a healthy planet, life and future of the humanity. Right. Innovations are solutions. But then a desirable mindset surely helps a lot both at government, corporate and citizens level. The world must take a pledge to #LiveLifeZeroCarbon and everyone should pledge to #BeAZeroCarbonCitizen . The faster the consciousness spread, the faster the solutions. Citizens should also be made to come realize how #CheapEnergyIsCostly when it comes to life and how It takes #JustHalfADollarForFullLife. meaningfully spending just about 18 dollar extra per month how one can really ensure a carbon free life n future!. Yes indeed with practically dries of swamped areas, melting of glaciated ices, natural dries up of trees due to chemical deposited into water bodies may help us to design better methods of how to preserve our living environment for the next generation … See More. Let’s work together and make the world a better place.There is no point starting from the top.Economic problems have to be addressed permanently to give countries and their citizens a sustainable development rather than hand outs.Purposed leadership is… See More

I am of the opinion that Bill is one of the tools of Creator being used to balance the planet Earth’s environment but sometimes Iblees (Satan) interferes and performs his duties as well.. What do you think about president elect Joe Biden (question 4 mr. Gates who by the way looks fenomenal). Hi Sir goodmorning and God bless you from Papua New guinea. From Bui.Rakaipane Lae Morobe Province Papua New guinea.. Your presence is a beautiful person like a good tree whose smell smells that will bear fruit all year long for the humanity of god bless you. Can bill help some people with money.. Why are you rich? And how??. After covid, things will be very basic. Moms and Dads will not be buying clothes for themselves. More homecooking will be done to save on money. The richer folks will be careful about flaunting their wealth. It will be not exactly like the depression, … See More

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