Black Cat Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster


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I have a necklace! It’s hanging on my rearview mirror in my car.. Saw a short trailer. I’m assuming by the cross hanging on the mirror that his son dies. Or both his son and lenny.. Remember when Vin said he wouldn’t make another fast and furious because Paul walker died.. Can’t wait for more of fast and the furious saga. These movies should have stopped when Paul Walker died.. they will never be the same. Would rather get closer to another riddick movie.. I want to go fast with you I put my hot pants on and boots and let’s ride….I love all your movies….. I like all of the movies but am following you because of RIDDICK. When is it coming???????? It’s been a long wait. I remember once you were live and given updates on RIDDICK next but after that I am waiting only …… Did I missed something on that? Black Cat Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Black Cat Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Black Cat Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster 3

LOVED this ! Amazing how the car FLEW in the air ! Black Cat Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster Never say never ! Too epic ! … See More. Watching the fate now recorded . Love F saga. I love the fast saga and love you all!!!!!!!!!. Betty Sandifer. Monica Vendruscolo. May be this is gonna be another “one last ride”.. It seems as though another account has been made for Vin Diesel with a blue sign. I googled how to get and it doesn’t seem to hard. So unless Vin Diesel / Mark Sinclair Vincent made another facebook account I would be careful. Please let me know. thank… See More. After my massive heart attack l never forgot about Channing Tatum, he looks like my son Eian. Congratulations. “the enemy of my enemy is my friends” D.S. Well everyone’s got family but I have got friends here take that vin diesel. Mr. Vin Diesel, I just wanted to tell you how much our family enjoys your movies. My mother is a huge fan. She had her 77th birthday on Nov 4th. She is always saying if you were to come into the room where she was present, she would feel better. She … See More

Black Cat Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Black Cat Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

I can’t wait but it’s bitter sweet without Paul. Gone but never forgotten.. Wish I could if been there to see it. Waiting patiently @vindiesel. I hope this is good, every time they release a new FF movie it goes downhill. Gets lower rating from the previous movie.. Why is this movie taking like forever to come out . Love all of them, this one is going to be so special. The anticipation for this one is especially more exciting, congrats on all the hard work from 1 to 9!. I’m so excited to see Fast 9 love the movies. Holly Maggs
So looking forward to fast and furious 9 and bloodshot
Play GIF. Can’t wait to see . I hope this chapter will not be like the last one
Just war and fights. Definitely should have ended when Paul died. Why must you keep this shit going?. Ok Mark I am looking forward to you picking me up in your private plane. That we watch the big event together.

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I was lucky enough to have worked on ff6 and loved every minute of it great crew and cast one big professional family. Yes , I remember. ! Can’t wait for #9 ! Oh and Vin , I’m looking forward to your movie that comes out in Feb .. Yes I know fast and furious has always been about family and it has been a very long ride . Watching 7 now and you just drove off the cliff with Ramsey.. Great movies. “The moment you walk through that door, everything changes. Our old life is over.”….Strangers became friends, friends became brothers, brothers became a family. At the time of the release, I considered this to be the darkest installment at the time. Especially with Gina Carano’s betrayal. Even during the shooting, she said, they didn’t know which way she was going to go. I actually thought the movie was going … See More

It’s getting a bit much!!!!. “i used to say i live my life a quarter a mile at a time. and thats why we were brothers. because i think you did too.”. I remember when I first had seen this and how excellent it was.. Hope fast 9 is back to racing, not Mission impossible unrealistic action.. That’s right, you don’t have friends, instead, you’ve got a great big family of fans Vin. . Its been a long day…….
Without you my friend……. Christine Fessele. The most important thing in live. I cry EVERY time at the end . I think this one is my favorite. Paul. The Paul Walker has died real life. I love the fast and furious .and igally waiting for 9. undefined. undefined. My vision is getting worse… Would love to go see this before I go completely.blind.. send me couple tickets. I’ll trade for my palm artwork..

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