Biker girl be strong when you are weak poster


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I love the whole album. Congratulations for a job well done.. i really really really love the album! your voice is so soft and it helps me calm down. God, i love you . My favourite memory is One Direction still in five piece. Where to sign up Louis or Matt they don’t accept my email add but where to sign up on this page?. We are very proud of u sunshine , thank u for everything you have done for us since you were in 1D.. My favorite memory was when i heard the teaser of your song always you . Congratulations on the album and I am so proud of you I love . See you saturday Lad! . wish I had a memory with you:(. is it tears or just the fucking rain?. I LOVE THIS ALBUM. Mexico Loves Louis Tomlinson . I left you a message on the wall Louis Biker girl be strong when you are weak poster

Biker girl be strong when you are weak poster

Biker girl be strong when you are weak poster 3

SSSSSSSS. Good Morning! We have 2 tickets to sell for Berlin. We sell as a Concierge Agency in nominal price (original price on ticket). 2 Tickets plus handling fees of promoter and courier 143, 06 euro. We can issue invoice if you need. If you are interested please contact us by email or by phone (+48) 602 408 111. Proud. Really. I thought you’re gone from limelight . So proud. PROUD. undefined. Louis Come to Greece please. I love you pupi. Hi Louis! I am Dr Sivaranjani Santosh. I am a pediatrician from Hyderabad, India. My daughter studying in the 8th grade is a huge fan of yours. You wishing her on her Birthday would be the best ever birthday gift for her. Kindly wish my daughter on her Birthday please . You deserve this and more, love. I’m very proud of you . So prud of ya, Lou! Biker girl be strong when you are weak poster

Biker girl be strong when you are weak poster

Biker girl be strong when you are weak poster 2

Amazing álbum . Walls is the best album of this time . The most amazing song eveerrrrrr. Amazing album. My fav song in the world ♡. THE BEST SONG ON WALLS. Can’t wait to see meet you one day . This song is ART . I love you with all my being and heart, you are the reason for my existence, thanks to you I am still here . You inspire me as no one else has done it before, thank you so much . Okay Louis,i love u so much. proud to say that I stan you.. Man i can’t be proud more than this. It’s a church of burnt romances. Can’t wait to see you next year. And i’m too far gone to pray. And it’s only for the brave. And they’ll say “I told you so”. Set fire to history. It’s a solo song. From the cradle to the grave

Biker girl be strong when you are weak poster 1

Hi Louis may love. You have good heart. I love one direction. You me very miss. Bay big fans one direction katarina from Northern Ireland Cookstown County Tyrone.. Hi
I hope you have a very wonderful time on your world tour and I hope you have a very wonderful show at Barcelona in Spain and I will keep on Supporting you Louis Tomlinson. So anxious to see you in São Paulo, Brazil!!!!
I hope you enjoy your tour!. I’m so happy about everything you have achieved, I admire you a lot, you are an example to follow and my motivation
I’m very sad ’cause I’ll not see you, but I know that all the people who will do so will receive you in the best way :’). good luck Louis wish you could come to Philippines. Wishing you a great world tour, love! My daughter and I hope to see you when you come to Houston in July. We have fallen in love with you and your music!

Aawwhh so sad that I didn’t got tickets for Amsterdam, because they are all sold out. I’m so sad that Peru is not on that list but at the same time I’m so proud of everything you’ve achieved. Ya sold out. Good for you. Harry’s in New York he is so kind. He does nice things for these young girls.. Please come to my rancho in MONTERREY OR GIVE US ANOTHER DATE IN MEXICO.. BEB SET DAY TO HAVE TOUR HERE IN PH . I’m so proud:’). Proud of yaaaa . Can’t wait for the Aussie leg of the tour !!!!!!!. “Welcome aboard”. Are we sailing?. Thank goodness for curb sides is . Philippines tour datess ?. Lad where’s the second date on México?. who’s gonna be in latam?. No Florida stopover?. Valen Pieronii. l love you. undefined. ProUd. undefined. Tank u darling. I love you . I PROMISE TO SEE YOU SOON BABYYYY

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