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Keith CoueffinThank You Bill and Melinda! I truly appreciate your contributions and leadership. So surprising that some people don’t understand or appreciate your work and generosity.92 . James WachiraTrue but I really don’t like the way you think of Africans! You said they would die like chickens! But the Almighty God refused! Again you said that 3 billion people need to die because the world is over populated! This world belongs to God not yours! … See More157 . Taimor ElredyThank you for all the achievements and services that you have achieved for the world, and I want to participate, even if I thank you from an Egyptian young man80 . Gina Luisa GrazianoThank you both for your tireless efforts in several areas that help to make this world a better place.276 . Jeanette SmithI love Melanie and Bill. I have been a supporter of your work 30 plus years. I taught Microsoft for Dow Chemical. You are among my favorite people. I wish you much happiness in the future.50  Big Ass Cats Welcome Doormat

Big Ass Cats Welcome Doormat

Steve CooperAbsolutely Bill. I think many of us have had it too easy without wars and taken everything for granted. Covid has been a reality check and has been so difficult to control. Hopefully the vaccines will work well enough. I would think we will have anoth… See More93 . Alice BeckstromMy children are separated from me and from each other at this time..and I don’t get help from the government but I have been trying to do the best I can.. while the whole time they are taking advantage of anyone and everyone that they can..23 . Bassem Abi-FarahThe road to an equitable and sustainable future is starting. The pandemic has created an unprecedented sense of urgency. I will write about it soon…18 . Darci WrenI only Pray you can come down on my level for a short while to understand what we are going through. It’s one thing to live beyond rich and in a place I will never see. But you alone should not make decisions for Human’s who you have never played a rol… See More118  Big Ass Cats Welcome Doormat

Big Ass Cats Welcome Doormat

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