Bicycle Race Cycling Ride as much or as little poster


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Hey baby how are you?I love you so much.I’m a prophet,I have a sourat in the coran.When i read it,the voices bully me less.They’re heartless,and useless a lot.I wanna be in your arms.. I really wnt to ask u breezy why do u make ur music videos in south Africa in rustenburg or Johannesburg i think u dnt even no de place rusty but i support u in every song everything u do even clothes u wear i remember dat song i love most listening t… See More. I’ll always treasure you no matter what you know that for you not for anyone else bye you don’t talk to me means you not interested anymore…can I be in your life either way…I really like you you know I deserve INDIVIDUAL happiness not sabotage and … See More. Follow me Instagram “High Lyrical”. Chris Brown fire them. Hello Chris Brown …i be watching your little me…he so cute makes my day…my husband jealous …lol Bicycle Race Cycling Ride as much or as little poster

Bicycle Race Cycling Ride as much or as little poster

Bicycle Race Cycling Ride as much or as little poster 1

Cb is my favorite artist in the world. his song, his dance no one in the world can do. i vote Him. so except this Chris Brown even in other is 1star in all star. 54 years old any time I get mad and Me time whatever I turn on your music and I just start dancing it’s crazy but you are so talented the best of luck to you and your future keep the music coming. To me Chris Brown is overly talented in a good way. He has the dance moves and voice that I don’t think people really hear the versital rips this man can-do! Just talented!. Chris you are my mentor whenever I listen to your songs believe me i wish you were close to deserve the best.. But the midia hates you. Bicycle Race Cycling Ride as much or as little poster Only Team Breezy supports you.. i know Chris before he became a Star he is the must Gifted person put him in an action Movie you will see and find out how good he is

Bicycle Race Cycling Ride as much or as little poster

Bicycle Race Cycling Ride as much or as little poster 3

You want us to vote for what! You don’t have any good music this year. And the videos are just nonsense.. Brizzy you the only niggah that i know back to old school on Radio Cassette i repeat again #Hip hop n RnB will be nothing without u. The Man who always makes me feel happy even if I’m stress. Thank you Jesus it’s about time. I stopped watching all the award programs because I didn’t see anything about this talented young man either performing or being nominated for an award but I will most definitely be watching this one.. You gonna get it bro.
The work you’ve been doing lately, it wasn’t of your talent it was hard work.
They may be people who still hate on you but you is GOAT.. U deserve all gud staff in life ma dwag…infact the whole world z in ur hand …..keep on feeding us with strong bars nd musically contagious. ……now i can even dance like u. …..#TEAMBREEZY

Bicycle Race Cycling Ride as much or as little poster 2

My best artist,friend and love. Original artist whole worldwide come and see in south sudan. My phone is full of his music videos…Chris Breezy is the best lets vote for him. I’m voting for brown for favorite male Artist soul/R&B #AMAS. Thanks for let me know when American music Awards come on u got my vote. Chris Brown
He deserves to win. I’m on free mode and I would have loved to contribute to this post but let me say that bullying in schools is not a good show. There is this form one boy I used to bully he is now a soldier, wherever he posts pics holding a gun, he tags me. What does … See More. RnB/soul is NOTHING without Chris Brown…he obviously wasn’t there physically,but his songs made me connect on another level,down to when he was called c -syzle. Chris Brown as always been and forever be my best artist…. I’m so in love with him since I was a kid…..a guy with a gifted talent and a good heart at that….he’s my super man….and he’s gonna win I’m sure of it

It cost hard work effet strength yor spirit.believe power to pull yor success forward with everything u do Breezy no matter what people say u got talent to take us to the next level but By God u strive not in your own will sweeti and fame is on your s… See More. Mia Bryant. Team Breezy all the way you’re gonna get it cus you’re already the winner and you’re the best RnB ,we bless the Lord for having you in the industry but the industry hate but we team Breezy will forever follow you we love you all the best. You are my best artist,the dance and you are the winner.. Brown the best singer in the world. Chris brown he is de best dancer in de hole world as Michael Jackson sad it before he pass on dat he is moving best performer dress well nice smile nice soft voice beautiful dimples oh breezy i no u gonna win much love homie big up king of rnb i love u… See More

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