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Everyone who reading this comment please help us. I am from Myanmar and we have a critical issue. Our country’s military has taken down the government and control every communication service around Myanmar. Some of our national leaders have been captured by them too.We cant even make call and some sims cant even use internet. Please help us trend this and help our country … we are all humans right? Plus all we can do is ask for help now. Please trend this. Bestie if i’m drunk it’s her fault criss-cross open back camisole tank top #Save #Myanmar #Save #Burma #Reject_the_Military !!! #We_need_democracy!!!. Sorry to write this down under your gorgeous picture but we really need help ! We are begging the world to please help us. Whether you are from Myanmar or not, please speak up against this incident. Do not allow for Myanmar to go down its dark path again. We’ve endured so much already.Help save Myanmar. #SaveMyanmar #SaveBurma #RejecttheMilitary!!! #Weneeddemocracy!!!. Dear All the friend outside of Myanmar, We are being cut off all the telecommunications and broadcasting, currently only connection is through WIFI and not sure when it will be get cut off as well . This is offending the human right. Their act of trying to close eyes and ears is against the people right. Such act is unacceptable and please voice out on behalf of us. We are stand firm with our leader Daw Aung San Su Kyi and truly believe that she is leading us to the brighter future of democratic country. We appreciate your strong support and sincerely thankful. Please help us with love and support to over this. #save Myanmar

Bestie if i’m drunk it’s her fault criss-cross open back camisole tank top

Bestie criss cross if i'm drunk it's her fault camisole tank top

Dear people from all nations, Bestie if i’m drunk it’s her fault criss-cross open back camisole tank top We are very sorry if it is disturbing you. But we really need help to protect our rights. #WeVotedNLD and always disliked both the speech and act of the military. We people have been against the despicable acts of the military and this time we think they(the military leaders) get what they deserve. They are not getting away with everything they have done over the years. #HelpUs #HelpMyanmar #SavePeace. I am so sorry If my comment feel you guys uncomfortable cos this isn’t related to this page but our country, Myanmar, really needs help and support. The Myanmar military has seized power by staging coup. That have detained Aung San Su Kyi and many prime ministers. As a citizen of Myanmar country, I disgree with this action. #Save #Myanmar #Save #Burma #Reject_the_Military !!! #We_need_democracy!!!. We as a citizen of Myanmar not agree with the current move and would like to request the world leaders. UN and the world medias help our country- our leaders- our people – from this bitter acts. We want democracy and want our country to develop as our nabouring countries.

Bestie if i’m drunk it’s her fault criss-cross open back camisole tank top

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