Because i'm the dm that's why mug


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You’re beautiful Billie keep being you!. She’s charming. It’s a lost art charm.. You are such a beautiful heart.When you come together with your audience you share your lovely energy and you create moments that they become unforgetable. Your lovely voice and songs spreads the light of you and goes around touches the soul of your l… See More. Love you so much my little avocado . I can’t wait for the 2021’s one . I’m so in love with Billie Eilish my favorite pop singer the Queen of pop Because i’m the dm that’s why mug Play GIF. It’s crazy how much she changes every year ! Growth . Waiting for the clips around this time every years for the last 4years watching you grow. You such a lovely young lady with a beautiful soul. Well, Billie *wears my babymetal kimono* I have to go back to Japan. *bows to you* It was so nice meeting you. Goodbye. *takes a leave*

Because i’m the dm that’s why mug

Because i'm the dm that's why mug- pic 1

That kind of video was the last thing I expected. But I like that it is not repeating old styles.. It was not right. Stealing is a great sin. Hi billie. Because i’m the dm that’s why mug I have over 10 very scary and exciting projects in the field of environment, each of which alone can surprise and make the world happy. Because the earth is as important to you as I am, we can be great together and. Hi Billie! I’m Annarita, from Italy. I like your music and my son Marco, my daughter Chiara and my little son Michele made a cover of “I think therefore I am”… here you are!!!!! I love the message behind this song… please, remain always yourself!!!… See More YOUTUBE.COM Billie Eilish – Therefore I Am – Played With Pretzels & Stuff. Ok, I’m curious… is this supposed to be a slam song on that rapper guy who tried hitting on her or asking her out? It kind of sounds like it could be to me…

Do you love it? Because i’m the dm that’s why mug. Buy it today before we sell out.

A person like you need to be loved by everybody… It’s a must… Ordered a pop socket just before the livestream last month, never got it. Tracking shows it’s been stuck in OH since before the expected delivery date of 10/29. Will stick to getting her merch at hot topic.. Sorry, I missed your call Billie.
What were you saying?. Models where are you
We need models. I truly love her music… her voice is beyond amazing…. I just wish all the hype would include her brother… Finn is a major part of every song… and it might be nice if she gave a shout out to us fans who supported her in the beginning ….. I wanna cry
I live in Middle East and doesn’t ship there . I’m so in love with Billie Eilish the Queen of pop music Congratulations love your new song Therefore I Am
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Nice Black Friday Sale!
Don’t have to have any discounts if you’re printing money as it is any other day, I guess… . Still waiting to get a refund for the tickets. I love this soooo much. I love billie really but I can’t afford a £50 hoodie. Lmao, I ordered a T-shirt and a necklace from the livestream, haven’t heard anything about it yet.. Still waiting on my shirt from last month lol. Iloveyou billie can you please notice me. Waiting on the dolls I ordered early October . Sorry i missed ur call Billie. I’m not your friend . When I go to cash out there is no free shipping. Is there a code?. It ‘s really great.i love you. I love you a lot. There are some freaks on this post like seriously she isn’t gonna call anyone but anyways I love ya girlll keep up the good work

I bought a poster and I have a bunch of merch. I remember watching the first two videos comparison. How time flies. Each and every year , i’ve been waiting for this . My queen is so grown up now!. That’s what I call transmedia storytelling … . I’m obsessed with this particular interview. Taylor Gallagher Oi they did a fourth year of the same interview! So wild how far she’s come tho!. Billie what is the tattoo?and where it is? Please tell us. Why i loved you so much?. She is the definition of “Don’t be a lady, be a legend”. I was waiting for the hair color to change . when your birthday is October 18. It’s trending on YouTube do I already watched it, it’s become an annual ritual… Looking forward to next year’s update.. Ehh… I’m from Vietnam and I just realized that I have pronounced your name wrong for a long time. That “Ai”lish instead of “I”lish bruhhh
Really sorry, however I really like your music

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