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Justin CurtisGovernor Lee Hello my name is Justin Curtis and I live with my family in Waverly, TN. I’m writing this message because I’m concerned about the safety issue of highway 70 from Waverly to Dickson. The highway is only a two lane and it seems daily the traffic and accidents are increasing. Not only am I worried about the safety of my neighbors I’m also worried that the increased congestion is hurting local growth. I understand that Humphreys co is not the priority of growth but I would like to know how you and your administration plan to tackle this increasing problem. Thank you for your time . Debbie BoydTeaching kids start at home from day 1 of their life. Parents have more one on one time to teach their kids if they would just get off their cell phones and do it…you can not blame the teacher in the schools for you kids failures you need to go look in the mirror.2  Baseball field cap

Baseball field classsic cap

Debbie AndersonI take it that you’re good with parents who want to send their kids to some fundie thumper school that teaches the earth is flat? And all on taxpayer dollars? Sick. . Jonathan DillardNice photo op. Now, explain to that young man why you wish to protect the klan.  . Katrena RochellWill not vote for you again! The midnight abortion bill is an attack on all women! #shameful waste more of our money..  . Matt Cartwright . Joy Phoummavong . Donna HopkinsWhy can’t I get my disability  . Matt Cartwright Tennessee wastes millions on no-bid COVID contract with politically connected companyEXCLUSIVE: Tennessee wastes millions on no-bid COVID contract with politically connected company . Sherry BrownFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:::”I FORMALLY CALL ON GOVERNOR BILL LEE TO REMOVE COMMISSIONER PENNY SCHWINN. Simply stated, she does not represent our values and has no business educating Our children.” – Mayor Andy OglesNewsChannel 5 Nashville WSMV News 4, Nashville WKRN News 2 SuperTalk 99.7 WTN1  Baseball field cap

Baseball field classsic cap

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