Ballet You may see me struggle poster


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I always trusted President Obama and still do!! Vote Blue and may peace come to the hearts of the angry Trumpers!. Trump 2020. You dropped every day bombs during your presidency with that you are the biggest crook of them all so shut up!. Thank you, Mr. President.. I am embarrassed to say that I am 38 years old and have never registered to vote before. I truly felt like one vote won’t matter! After the last four atrocious years, I just registered today. We can’t live like this anymore! Thank you for encouraging p… See More. And please vote blue!!!. BLUE 2020!!!!. WE MISS YOU!!! . Thank you sir. 8 years in the W.H. The only thing to show a half baked health care reform only fools can keep on listening to you !!!. Biden may be a good leader, But Pres. Trump is the REAL DEAL for America and the World right now! It wasn’t by man that he won last election irrespective of the popular vote cast in favour of Hilary Clinton. Ballet You may see me struggle poster

Ballet You may see me struggle poster

Ballet You may see me struggle poster 1

I am a registered voter and I will not vote for that person that sometime sits in the Oval Office.. Well, it actually mattered just as much in 2016 and would have not left us in this mess.. I’m from east Germany and know how it is, if you don’t have a free possibility to vote. Ballet You may see me struggle poster Everything changed to the best since we’re able to vote free since 89.. Thank you Obama for all that you stand for. You give me courage and hope to live a better life so that our children can see a better future.. Gosh I miss full sentences.. Mr president I could listen to you read the ingredients off a box of cereal… Good message to share and you did it in the calm and collected all while sounding like the intelligent person you are.. Well done… Vote for return to normal! The country and the world cannot take 4 more years of this disaster!

Ballet You may see me struggle poster

Ballet You may see me struggle poster 3

Two truly great Americans and human beings.. The legacy she built on the Court will not be in vain. Hope and Change — dreams that never end. The fight for Justice. The fight for Equality. The fight for a better Nation. The fight goes on. We will all vote, and we will prevail! — For Ruth! . Beautiful and well-written tribute, President Obama. Thank you for that. Rest in power, RBG. Tonight we mourn. Tomorrow we go forth in power toward the change you sought in November. Now it’s personal.. I miss rational thought, decency, class, compassion… I miss it so much.. That photo shows one caring individual walking with someone he respects and she understands the significance of her situation in our society. Its pretty beautiful.. She was a true warrior for equal justice under the law.. Thank you as always President Obama for your leadership. You are right. We need to let the people decide who the next Supreme Court justice is.

Ballet You may see me struggle poster 2

As a Canadian, I am hoping everyone votes. I have always liked and have great respect for Obama. Your country , at the moment , needs a miracle.. We all have to get out and vote. Our country is in massive trouble.. Point on! SO nice to hear a leader who can speak. Integrity, compassionate, character and presedential. The way a president should be. Voting Blue!!. Just counting the days till we get our ballots in the mail! We don’t have in person early voting but the ballots are due in October. N J has a system where you can track your ballot to see if it was received. #BidenHarrisLandslide2020. Thank you Mr. President! You are so right!!! We need to vote like our lives depend on it because it truly does!!. I voted absentee in NC & rec’d my confirmation my vote was received. GO JOE!. This administration is continuing to rig the system. We need HOPE that they will not get away with it.

Absolutely. It’s time to fight for justice, fairness, rule of law and Democracy. It’s time for the people to say enough.. You would be a great SCOTUS judge. Consider it!. The nice part of your statement is we know you wrote it. Reading Trumps statement it’s obvious he did not put those complete sentences together. Thank you . Sadly we know Senator Mitch McConnell will rush the nomination process… hope Senators on both parties resist the inconsistency to save the dignity of the Supreme Court . As a Global Citizen, I do admire President Obama and his thoughts for the humanity as such .. We need your active voice and involvement on these uncertain times.. Lord, how I miss the eloquence of a President who speaks in literate sentences. A new poem penned just today in her honor by Jeremy Mitchell. The thunder rolled when I heard the news
Ominous, but don’t be confused

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