There is no place for bullying whether it be in the playground or workplace. To turn a blind eye or to condone this behaviour is as bad as the bully. This government can sink no lower.. This is very unfortunate when someone got a power expect all to be under her feet. This is just one big example but this happens in many small scale at work places too. So many excuses being made for her today. My personal favourite was when a Tory colleague said that her lack of height, gender and less privileged background made her require a more forceful approach. . Won’t be surprised if in truth of the matter is these closeted civil servants have had their feathers ruffled and don’t like having been told to get their finger out and do, albeit forcefully, as required. Get over it.. We teach our children not to do this. I hope shes teaching her children better. Oops children lead by example. Ballet It’s not over when you lose it’s over when you quit poster

Ballet It’s not over when you lose it’s over when you quit poster

Ballet It's not over when you lose it's over when you quit poster - A4

If I knew you could make money off I know you are but what am i” 20 years ago I would.have had double chocolate crunch.. The phrase more money than sense springs to mind. Agreed, why is this even on the headline news when the country has so many pressing issues?. While people worry about their livelihoods these two spending extreme amount of money for this . Too much money. Throwing it about filling our justice system with worthless cases for their narcissistic gain.. “Wagatha Christie”has made my day. The 2 of them should grow up. They are has beens. Life really is too short . https://mobile.twitter.com//status/1329861848573861888… how about some more relevant topics like censorship, BBC? Ballet It’s not over when you lose it’s over when you quit poster MOBILE.TWITTER.COM Twitter. These pathetic individuals,squabbling like a pair of unruly children, grow up and see the world doesnt revolve round you and your pathetic privilege lives. It just vile. So pathetic we have a pandemic that is more important than 2 poxy wags have a fall out deal with it and move on your boring.

Ballet It’s not over when you lose it’s over when you quit poster

Ballet It's not over when you lose it's over when you quit poster - A3

Priti- ‘I wasn’t aware I was bullying anyone when I was shouting and swearing at them’. So it’s ok to break all the covid laws and bully .. this government are a real shining example of humanity.. vile cretins. There are ways to assert authority without bullying people and if she needs advice maybe she should be retrained on her interpersonal skills. Happy anti bullying week Priti. Boris has confirmed its ok to bully people. What a legacy this government is going to leave!. Clearly a poor leader and incompetent at managing people if she had to resort to bullying. She needed to be replaced.. And she is responsible for making decisions about the most vulnerable? Why does the post of immigration minister seem to given to bullies I wonder?!. Good managers know that respect for others is part of managing. Bullying is not managing. It is a relic of the past and a refuge for people who think that management” is akin to “control”. Sad to see that this is still there in the 21st century.

Ballet It's not over when you lose it's over when you quit poster - A2

What a load of rubbish, a non story from z listers who want attention.. Wow thank goodness there isn’t anything more important going on in the world. Pointless people having a fight. It says something about society when this tabloid rubbish is covered at all by the BBC.. Whoever follow and elevate these people to fame must have a terrible boring life, and ought to apologize to every tree or plant that they pass for wasting the oxygen that they produce . This crap is NOT news worthy. BBC, get a grip. I doubt anyone cares about these Wags , as you refer to them.
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GIPHY. Seriously BBC! What has happened to what was the most respected news source in UK? Now just another gutter press!. Two women who wouldnt have the media exposure they have if it weren’t for their husband’s success. Maybe stick to these kind of stories and give politics and virology a miss

Anyone supporting this or claiming we need a bit of strictness” is an absolute pleb who has no idea how or why Britain succeeded for so many years in previous generations. Being a narcissistic, hateful, conniving aggressive person in the upper echelon… . I hope that Keir Starmer raises the PMQs shows up the PM for what he is. Someone who protect a Minister who found not treated the civil servants with the respect and decency that anyone who would get no matter where they worked. It does not matter who … See More. Patel is a family name mostly from India, and if she has born in India it in her blood to bully Staff , it is a common culture in India and other developing countries, to treat the lower staff with disrespect. she need to learn the ethics and norms,. This is why she’s failing miserably with her policies. Who’s ever worked in an environment with a boss that shouts that’s truly productive? Everyone is anxious and miserable and under productive!

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