they are the same who will not understand why there will be no place available at the hospital anymore when they will be sick all at the same time. so sad their selfish!. And music venues all across this land are closing. . They got the permit from The owner of the planet and His word is always Final. Jesus Christ, The King of kings and Lord of lords.. And people said itd take some crazy FEMA camps to reduce population. Looks like the population is doing a strong job by itself.. Its been 8 months now and they still don’t GET IT” amazing.. Rioters don’t have permits as well yet they are allowed to go on.. I have no sympathy for the concertgoers, however I do feel sorry for the innocent people they’ll infect. Hiding behind God in order to get your way is a sin in my book. They are selfish and wicked to attend a super spreader event and put so many people… Bacardi crocs crocband shoes

Bacardi crocs crocband shoes

Bacardi crocs crocband shoes- pic 1

God gave you a brain to think with, doctors to care for us when sick and science to help. He also told us to love and take care of each other. God didn’t give you all these things so you could ignore them and rely solely on him and ignore the blessings… . People who attend these events should not recieve treatment. Don’t come to my hospital and especially ICU unit. Just sign a waiver and continue gospeling.. Adios old folks! Bacardi crocs crocband shoes When their family members start dropping like flies they’ll still turn to the magic man in the sky. Crazy is what it is. I thought selfishness was not a acceptable thing in religious circles.. Wait people can loot and riot by the thousands but we can’t hold a spiritual protest ?! They should sue sue sue. Theyre all a bit F(e)UCHT in the head if they think that they are going to come out of these supposed ‘protests’ unscathed, not to mention the pain, suffering and death they may be passing on to their families and friends.

Bacardi crocs crocband shoes

Data from 2014 to 2015, who was President? Yea Obama.. I guess if you dont count the murdered babies…… You realize they could only study the babies that were born right?. This meme is the truth!
i.imgflip.com. That’s because death isn’t considered a health problem. You can’t get sick if you were aborted.. Shut up demons!. Ironically late term abortions do not lend to this statistic… Or do the CNN sheeple not get that?. obama & biden were supposed to be aborted, how about that?. Anti-women’s reproductive rights are discriminatory in every single way. It is against the law to discriminate based upon a person’s sex. If these batwing crazy right wing zealots actually cared about people, they would seek to help women instead of pa… . NOT when the
throw a 9 mo pregnant female to the ground with a KNEE in her back.
Dasha stallings kansas City Missouri.. I’d just like to point out that part of the reproductive rights they mentioned here was access to healthcare, which is an issue especially for the low income, and is a reproductive issue. Reproductive rights /issues aren’t limited to abortion, it’s eve… See More

Trump doesnt deserve your vote. Don’t vote for him. He has failed the economy. Trump inherited a very strong economy with unemployment stood at 5%. He reduced it by 1.2%. Compare this with Obama who met a recession that left unemployment at 12% and he… . I’m just here to see the people that cry over the choice a woman makes about a fetus, so I can go see how many children in the system still haven’t been adopted. . Because the babies that didn’t make it die. Thank God, Wolf Blitzer finally spoke up for millions of hungry, needy Americans. Too bad Pelosi can’t do that. One good reporter on CNN, I sincerely hope that CNN doesn’t fire Wolf.. Lol, it would only seem that way because the less apt mothers are having their babies aborted.. Probably have ‘fewer babies’ as well…… Even the dead ones?. Where’s Hunter?

Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood because of her hatred of black people. She wanted to kill as many black children as possible. Trump. My dad was born on a dining room table in 1931; nothing unusual about that. I had my first in 1978some vitamins, ok. Had my second in 1994 and they wanted me at the doctor every single month. Stop with the fear….women had babies in fields and went… . America will be a healthy nation again when Trumps out of office, sane people find. Study finds that when women are allowed to kill their babies for having possible birth defects, more “unhealthy” babies are killed. Wow CNN! Great reporting there.. I find the prolifers the most ignorant, hyprocrical POS. Christian Cosplayers! Good luck making it to God’s kingdom.. not the dead babies. I want to see the part of the study that counts abortions and the effects on women abortions have a toll on them. I also want to see how many minority abortions there are considering that overwhelmingly abortion clinics are put in poor, high crime neig… See More

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