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“Nearly 6 in 10 Americans are clueless as to what the constitution says.” Auburn tigers claw skinny tumbler Of course the GOP is going to nominate a candidate. They control the White House. They control the Senate. It makes no sense for them not to do it. They could not even go back to their bases if they did not represent the interest of their base. It’s re… See More 10 out of 10 of those people polled have absolutely zero say in the selection of the next justice and their opinion means exactly jack. The constitution is the only one that has a say in that.

Auburn tigers claw skinny tumbler

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Same poll that showed Hillary and currently Biden in the lead? Auburn tigers claw skinny tumbler We already decided by electing the POTUS, we don’t go backwards because of some ridiculous poll from CNN. In 2016, Obama did his job as required & selected a SC nominee. Then the Senate/McConnell did NOT follow their sworn oath to confirm or even consider that nominee. NOW, they are in a gigantic hurry to fill the nomination. Hypocritical much?? I am sure that this is a made up poll. CNN would do or say anything to help the Democrats. They are the Democrats personal media. They have been proven and caught making things up for Democrats Auburn tigers claw skinny tumbler This same thing has happened 29 times in our history. 17 of those the President & Senate were of the same party…thus, a new justice was approved. It’s the sitting President’s duty to nominate … So hypocritical… the Republicans were crying about how its “the right thing to wait until the next election ” last time a justice seat came up but now its “no no no fill it now!” Such hypocrites. I hope these mooks realize what losing a filibuster me…

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