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So stunning at 50..and recently single..love all her movies..watched one today..Parker…..with Jason Stathem..she was awesome. From Rome . Hello from Nederlands. You know that Jenifer Lopez you have a thing a thing. Victor Cruz.   American samoa pride all over printed shirt · Follow. She deserve me to finally be happily married. She had a hard life and hard time getting to where she is and her own money and her status as a performer. She is such a good dancer and we all want to he JLO we do.. We have our own beautiful ladies here in Africa. Love that Madonna picture in your outfit! . I’m always beautiful Than YOU. I love you J Lo. Yes that Friday glow, my Jlo inspiration. from Zambia. Cheers from Bulgaria! Be blessed . I’ll be 52 i feel amazing . Hello from Poland . HELLO FROM ITALY. Greetings from Hungary!. Uganda is gud 2. I’m so handsome better then others

American samoa pride all over printed shirt

best wishes.   American samoa pride all over printed shirt · Follow You look absolutely stunning! Get it queen. . You are the BEST, JLo. I can’t wait to watch it! Love every movie that you are in, just an amazing actress and performer!. YOU AND THE TWINS THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS! STAY FOCUSED! YOU GOT THIS!. JLo, Effortlessly beautiful as always.. Now, where’s Lenny Kravitz?!. Jennifer is so beautiful, shes a natural beauty, I hope she never makes any kind surgery to her face GOD gave her beauty. Best Wishes . Beautiful dress. You look stunning. Good Luck.. You always looks amazing Jennifer. . Beautiful as always stay strong mama nobody got nothing on you! BORICUA!!!!. Absolutely beautiful. Love the acting action part. Love the dress:). Beautiful, this one is for you listen to your heart.. Always delivering the positive when sm1 is onthe negative mood, u have a lovely/ smart/ intelligent/ honest way of reaching out to different hearts..that r in diff moods…but u just neutralise the whole situation n bring harmony n love….keep it up..… See more

American samoa pride all over printed shirt

American samoa pride all over printed shirt

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