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West meets east! I’m so happy for you two as always. Beautiful picture!. You are so luckiest men in this world she is wonderful lady. When I saw the post, I remembered a wisdom that my grandfather said to me at my uncle’s wedding, while we were sitting next to each other next to the music band, the volume was loud, I did not hear the wisdom.. I honestly thought this was a weird angle of Demi at first. They look so similar.. you two melt my heart inside of me every time I see you guys together hoping you will have a amazing future. The absolute luckiest. And the most picture perfect Couple I’ve ever seen.. They’re only 10 years apart. Idk why people are giving them such a hard time. My parents are 9. Accompany With Jesus Poster Is it because he’s the younger one?. Why bullying guys ??? he’s lucky enough bcz she made him happy

Accompany With Jesus Poster

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Count your blessings twice as a binational couple who can be together amongst this pandemic as many of us are apart and have been apart for a year now. Don’t mind fullish people’s comments just enjoy life as long as u love and respect each other age is just a number. Such a wonderful couple. 15 year old me was determined to marry you. This is so amazing….indeed love is a good thing ..he has wholly accepted her , religion, culture and colour.’s all about remeo and Juliet all the best you guys . Tell me the truth, she made this post right??. Am still not getting used to the fact that you are married to her.. Its beautiful to see a couple with different cultures to be marriage or engaged . Y is it dat it is d same Indian dat is insulting and saying harsh words abt ds couple.y is dat u pple don’t like ur own,very bad. Accompany With Jesus Poster

Accompany With Jesus Poster

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This is just what we needed. . We know what we will be binging this holiday season. . I binge watched it this morning!! Was brill! Loved the lil cameo you had in it to . Nick I have loved you
the most you are the most handsome.
This will be good I’m ready too!! December. Super impressed with you. Your performance in Kingdom was incredible.. Jumanji was adorable as well. There’s something special here, very cool with good lyrics that have good key of word that so much touch heart,let get ready for the bless,no more sorrow and happiness it shall be your portion, continue enjoy the good lyrics for better solution.. This show was so cute! Great actors and story line. I binged watched the whole season today can’t wait for a season 2!!. Watched it and it was a great show. Lori Cook. It’s so good! Love this series

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What a great movie, I love your character. You did an AWESOME job, and you looked good doing it! . Amazing movie. Midway. He was called Bruno Gaido i am sure.. Good I. Love you jonas. Love that movie nick the same as Jumanji love you in every movie love you so much. BOY the make believe World you be apart of cracks me up…I actually consider you an Entertainer not a Singer. I’m gonna start call you JLO…. Jessie Lynn Brantley. I’ve seen this. It’s a great movie! . I loved this movie . thank you Nick Jonas for Sharing this on Facebook. You was the hero, like almost always
(except 7 years ago . The breeze make his two summers guys the bees make his the butterflies sparkly winter in a glass are you my friend can kiss my. It was an awesome movie. Korecome Afolabi. Nicky〜i miss you on movie again

You are extremely lucky, you got the jacket i always wanted. You’re both lucky to have each other and the love you have for each other is so genuine and true.. Age is just a number. Shawn is losing it, with this Carmela Kerfuffle girl. Please talk some sense into him.. How folish they are thinking they are lucky . How much difference is between her face and legs color…… but your inside is crying….. You are so lucky to have miss world as your wife. How can u be lucky to have a woman who only loves you for ur money. Very much bc she’s very loving and caring mother. . Nimeshika Jayaneththi
Yes You are very lucky. Where your grandmother Priyanka?. not so much as i can view similar products. When u give divorce she is your mother??. I always loved them as a couple.. I didn’t know much about Nick growing up but My whole childhood i watched.. Nick is a hella lucky guy.. Actually they both are lucky to find each other..And bullies will always have something to say about them but does… See More

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