Dump in’ Trump, Putin?. You mean like the one trump pulled out of in 2017?. Aww is Big Daddy Putin letting Little-Boy-Donny hang out to dry?. Betting on one of the other . The American Expression is covering your bases.”.. That is a campaign strategy but misleading the public is a very bad idea. All bs even if true Biden will end it once in and put russia back where they should be will more sanctions. Is Putin tired of trump?. They retorted the word screwed* just like a kid yet they themselves are annoyed and even prone to violence persistently, assumptively, presumably anything that would materialize their objectives in the long run. . At first I thought wow, then I saw that this was cnn and realized that it was some twist of the truth.. Russia wants the democrats to win… And here the fake news is trying to use Russia to sway an election in broad daylight.. Abyssinian cat beach life sandy toes and salty kisses poster

Abyssinian cat beach life sandy toes and salty kisses poster

Abyssinian cat beach life sandy toes and salty kisses poster - A1

Wild animals need to stop encroaching on our habitat.. When Alexander the Great after his conquest of Persia entered the northern Indus jungles, he noticed little hairy men in trees. So he called them man keys’ which means little men in ancient Greek. . We don’t need a real “outbreak” movie remake now towards the end of 2020. They were protesting for the minority position in the parliament.. I support the monkeys . You invaded their home now they’re invading yours. The last species of primates that started eating seafood led to me typing this sentence.. Put the big pot on the stove and don’t forget the rice. Problem solved. Catch neuter release. Why are you complaining as if you dnt know what to do???. It’s Nancy Pelosi. I wondered where CNN hired their anchors.. its scary.they’ve adapted to human living. Sterilization must be followed with human as well.. Why not export to countries that would want them Abyssinian cat beach life sandy toes and salty kisses poster

Abyssinian cat beach life sandy toes and salty kisses poster

Abyssinian cat beach life sandy toes and salty kisses poster - A2

I think we should all deport all the Trump supporters along with their president to this ancient City so they can all go live happily ignorant and ever after. Who got the Pic of Pelosi talking to Blizter today ?. We have the same problem here. Except its called congress.. Don’t feed stray animals!. Surging monkey population? Simple solution. Welcome Chinese tourist. In no time, monkey population control would not be needed. Lol.a Maxine Waters selfie.. Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Mrs Balitaan Rebecca for handling the trading of my account. Your professionalism, genuine kindness and bluntness at times when I needed to face reality are what made me progress. I invested $ 500 and got $ 5500 …
Balitaan Rebecca. At least they are not infested with MSM freemason lucifarian bioweapon attacking terrorists.. I earn $200 daily with the help of @Williams_Gamez0 click on the link to earn like me https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEh_Ph2KNPIQxXs_IQ
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Abyssinian cat beach life sandy toes and salty kisses poster - A3

Dang monkeysdang humans….dang mosquitos….dang!. These monkey are just retaking whats theirs.. If they’re prolific why can’t they be used as a food source?. I really hope they another pandemic doesn’t come out from them. Yeah, here in White House too… This is literally the best post I’ve ever seen.. Cougars are a real problem here. They’ve been seen prowling around bars and night clubs preying on innocent young men.. Macondoms for the macaques?. Been hearing bout this for sometime now ,those macaques are getting out of hand .. Cool stuff… they’re starting their own planet. I hope they don’t spread another pandemic. Baltimore is suffering from the same problems. Monkey kebab anyone?. Lee Nugent Have the monkeys around your hood disappeared?. There are 2 monkey gangs- the Stupa and the Shrine gangs. Just move their bosses somewhere else and the gangs will live together peacefully.. Indiana Jones had the right idea: chilled monkey brains

Take an African there,, they will teach u how to eat them We Thai people have big protest here
Democracy VS Armed Dictatorship…
LIVE! บรรยากาศเคลื่อนขบวน ของ คณะราษฎร 2563. Just send Hillary in to terminate them. #Hillary4Prison please. Those front line doctors never should have gotten fired you learn something everyday I had no idea hydroxychloroquine came from black seed oil
Hydroxychloroquine is a derivative of thymoquinone (TQ), which is a component of Black Seed which is known c… See More
Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) Can Kill The Coronavirus – Elite Healthy Living. They should leave the monkeys
That’s their habitat and hunters need to hunt them down for food. From the pic used here I see monkeys and Trump supporters have lot in common.
Play GIF. That picture is bad !
If that thing was coming at me like that ?. Obama, Dem, dems, Left, Kamala, Biden : China rise is good for USA, world. China stole 180 nations already, Cambodia Thailand are two of them.

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