A big piece of my heart lives in heaven and watches over this home poster


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Aubrie Law A big piece of my heart lives in heaven and watches over this home poster King of RnB. I love everything about you starting from your Rnb music to pop is great. All ready time go so fast . where those days go I miss them nothing like today they were better than he was today is. As you should celebrate you worked hard you don’t have to practice Talent you were born with it . I drop out from school just to focus on ur songs Yesterday Police arested a 25yrs DJ for ending a weddings without playing ur songs… we are still settling de matter now ….. The most sexiest, talented guy in the universe. . Africans loves you…..you are inspiration to many you never dissapoint so i can’t ask you for new music or an album we know you never let us down congratulations for entertaining us for 15 years and still doing it….be blessed with your daughter. I CAN’T WAIT FOR AEKO FIRST ALBUM

A big piece of my heart lives in heaven and watches over this home poster

A big piece of my heart lives in heaven and watches over this home poster 2

I have said it often time that when ever am listening or watching your music I had to pause it and try the dancing steps but each time I try I get injured Chris. I love your songs here from Nigeria, much love Chris.. Chris Brown no matter what music you comes out with it’s definitely A big piece of my heart lives in heaven and watches over this home poster fire . P-stamop Chinwuba “With you” wasn’t the track that made you who you are today.. The next 15 years and the next chapter is even going to be better! THINGS IMPROVE WITH AGE!. No, this guy is using something, how can you gain over a thousand likes in just 8 minutes?. OMG i love “run it” , “with you”, and “forever” those are my favorite cause I use to love watching the video countdown on 106& park after school . I would get after him on Instagram about his Shenigans the come without asking because of his talent, one post of my pulling him by the coat tail he replied “Who Is This Nigga!” then I knew he would be fine, I strongly suggested he focus on his daughte… See More

A big piece of my heart lives in heaven and watches over this home poster

A big piece of my heart lives in heaven and watches over this home poster 3

Kuno ku Zambia we play your music in church, looking forward to the next 15 years of your good music.. #To be honest ; bash me all you want, NO Artist has been as consistent in terms of body of work and musical relevance as C. Breezy…The man outshines people on THEIR own song…Sometimes, we might not know the Artist but we tune in just to hear Brown.… See More. You go Chris Brown keep making us beautiful music its good for our souls because its real thank You….. The same way Michael Jackson and Lesane Perish Crooks(Kings of Pop and Hip hop respectively) inspire you is the same you inspire me… Stay blessed bruh. Love your music but prefer the first ones, like Run it, Wall to Wall, Gimmi that, Kiss Kiss. Please bring out music for your 15 years anniversary. I cant wait feel it. Mr Christopher Maurice Brown, you and your music can make the whole world a better place, toast to 15th in industry and on chart

Congratulations to my friend Chris brown on his complements in the music business. This was great. You’re such an amazing artist and your dancing is even more incredible!! I look forward to more. You are a National Treasure. Pure goodness is what your music brings! Thank you!. Congratulations Chris Brown! Well deserved and we are so proud of you! You are amazing, an incredible artist, and a phenomenal dancer.. Congratulations on 15 years , love your music & love you in This Christmas you touch my heart . Your Voice touch my soul & open my heart. Keep on making great music and great memories with your fans because you are very gifted and talented. That’s something nobody can take away from you my friend. To God
be the glory and strength of your life.. Thank you! You are strong and courageous! You are a living legend in your own right! You faced adversity like a champ and took on fatherhood so humbly. Congratulations
you deserve all the applause
& God the glory. True definition of grit and dedic… See More

Always! Thank you for blessing us with your talents and music for nearly every mood! You transcend time! Love you! . Pappy of RnB. Sing a single to be titled. You and music for me please.
Love you so much.. Very talented young man I enjoy watching him dance and sing, and very handsome young man also from Virginia and Louisville Kentucky be blessed. My celebrity godson. So proud of you. I’ve seen your growth over the years. Thank you for your strength and the amazing music. Much love and respect. Congratulations!! I have loved all 15 yrs. of it!. The king of kings congratulations to make me feel happy between those years I started to listening your music. You deserve it, every moment and still have all your full albums till today and still listening to them great job keep giving us Great music . Dennis McGuire. More slow jams needed.
Show off those incredible vocals!

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