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Otherwise this is irrelevant to my point. Noel Brown your media? The same media who made up Russian collusion for 4 years? The same media who peddled false and misleading claims against the President and his family for 4 years. Yes that media. Now i get it.

I am not a Trump supporter but Trump is 100 percent right about the stimulus bill. At this time of our country being in such financial disaster due to COVID shutting down our economy for almost a year. We should not be giving billions of foreign aide to other countries but give the AMERICAN CITIZENS extra stimulus money. This is why I hate my fellow Democrats so much. We would rather sink this country and ruin our kids future than admit Donald Trump is right!! Our media and a major portion of democrats are PATHETIC and a DISGRACE! God Bless.

I don’t think trump gives a crap about any of it, or even knows. If he did, why did he say he would sign it. He knew what was in it when he agreed to it. I agree with you that we need all that money, but trump deserves absolutely no credit for anything at this point. Bye the way it is Trump who put foreign aid to other countries in his budget so there goes the promise of America first. He is ruining the country. I just hope they can get him out before more harm than good.

Covid 19 Est 2020 Warrior T-Shirt, tank top, hoodie

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