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This week, a wealthy couple will fly from London to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. They’ll be picked up at the airport in a Bentley or a Range Rover, and taken to a luxury villa.

The following day, the same car will take them to a private health clinic, where they will be given the first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine of their choice, with offerings from Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Sinopharm on the table. Three weeks later, they will return to the clinic from their villa and have the second shot. Personalized Tarot & Tea Company Importers & Sellers Of Magic In A Cup Poster

All this will be made possible for them by an exclusive travel and lifestyle service called Knightsbridge Circle, members of which pay £25,000 a year to be looked after by personal managers (each manager has five clients) who take care of their every need. Before the pandemic, members were more likely to be looking for a table at a fully-booked restaurant, a personal trainer or a top of the line holiday, Knightsbridge Circle CEO Stuart McNeill tells VICE World News.

Since the pandemic began, McNeill and his team have been called on to “organise things like exercise bikes, virtual wine tastings and, of course, COVID tests. There have also been a lot of mental health issues, so we have been arranging Zoom calls with therapists, weight loss programmes and nutritionists.”

With the rollout of COVID vaccines around the world being relatively tightly controlled by national governments, the global elite is looking to find ways of cutting the line. McNeill, who says his clients are “CEOs, entrepreneurs, royalty and celebs”, is “pioneering a form of luxury travel based on COVID vaccines”. While some NHS workers are yet to have been vaccinated and most British people face a wait of many more months, the rich are paying to be taken care of first.

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