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I Have Transitioned From Ma-Ma To Mommy To Mom To Bruh Shirt, hoodie

And, as I said before, we’ll have to see how it goes. The earlier reports (from 3 or 4 wks ago) implied that even the Kurds and Shiite had large numbers that wanted to “shoot down the constitution”.. It’s a waiting game, to be sure.

COMMENT #160 [Permalink]… Nittany Lion said on 10/15/2005 @ 7:31 pm PT…

Alright, its about time I throw myself into this debate. Steve F has been taking you all on by himself, he could use a little bit of support.

Savantster said “Lemme get this straight.. So, 6k in refunds.. Their total wages were 12k for the year.. And you make, what? $120,000 or MORE, PLUS perks? See, I have MORE problem with YOU getting breaks on your gas when you don’t need it than I do no those people cheating EIC when they need that money to LIVE.. They aren’t “prospering”, which is what Repubs like to try and imply. I’ve -lived- in poverty.. I’ve -lived- in the streets for 2 years.. -I KNOW- what a load of crap 12k is in today’s society.. I’m pretty sure you piss away that much in perks from your company.. And YOU get to write it all off.. Get it?”

He’s using a hypothetical situation in which a THE WOMAN made 12k and got a 6k refund, not the couple making a total of 12k. And there’s nothing redeaming about cheating on an income tax return. As for your attacks on him for making too much money – he’s earned his money. It’s not his fault other people are poor. Sure, there’s a responsibilty for the government to provide for some people (especially kids), but when the government keeps asking for more and more of your hard earned money when you already give them close to a third of it, that’s unfair. It’s like this argument Dems make that the tax cuts were aimed at the rich. 33% of the tax cuts went to the top 1% of the tax bracket. But that top 1% supplies 38% of tax income. So post-tax cuts, the top 1% is paying an even bigger proportion of the taxes than before, yet all the dems do is complain about it. The tax cuts weren’t aimed as much at the middle class because they don’t pay as much of the taxes to begin with (but they still did get a larger tax cut than was proportional.) And the cuts worked – government revenue from tax receipts went UP after the cuts had a chance to stimulate the economy. (The big problem I have is that we didn’t cut enough spending to eliminate most of the deficit – see this years Trans Bill with its ridiculous amount of pork).

Savantster in #150 –

Not everyone that disagrees with you is part of the problem, that’s a little arrogant and unfair. As for your analysis of that statement he made that the Dems should cheat better, you’re right. He did blow it there. Steve F, I lost you there.


I Have Transitioned From Ma-Ma To Mommy To Mom To Bruh Shirt, hoodie
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