Faith Over Fear Christ Leather Pattern Tote Bag


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The Greatest President EVER in the history of the US !!!! Thank you Mr. Pres for your service, your dignity, your honesty and your leadership . . . the American people are missing good leadership (2016 – 2020 it’s been rough) – looking forward to the Biden/Harris administration Faith Over Fear Tote Bag Hope you see this. I took your photo with your grandmother in ’79 at Riverside Park. Give a like if you remember. “Can you a take photo with me and my mom”?? I asked if you were a freshman. Said you would be transferring to Columbia a year later.

You mean your wife Mike. You done more damage to this country in your 8 years of unlawlessness than anyone could have ever fathomed. As soon as we are out of lock down ,Chapters is my first stop !Looking foreword to your book. This world needs you President Barack Obama !! NOW more than ever before !! We miss a real president a LEADER !! We WANT you PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA to go back to the WHITE HOUSE !! You are the BEST !! BEST PRESIDENT EVER !! We want to live in a democratic world !! We want a president that cares about the people all around the world !! We expect that you PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA will return to the WHITE HOUSE as soon as possible !! YESTERDAY !! We would love to see MICHELLE OBAMA in the presidency !! Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris !

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